How to Get Perfect Summer Hair

April 05, 2017

How to Get Perfect Summer Hair

Nothing feels better than walking outside, feeling the breeze and warm sun hit your face to signal that SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! On the flip side, if you're like us, you may have cuddled up more to Netflix & tacos than your spin bike this winter... and just maybe neglected your stylist because you were too embarrassed to show her the rooty dry mess that was hiding under your winter hat. 

Well babes, don't fret, we've got you covered. Warmer weather has us itching to re-invent our looks and our locks too, so lets take action and get it done the easy way. April is the perfect time to break free from a hair rut we may have fallen victim to in the winter months and get that confident summer strut with gorgeous, healthy hair, without a lot of money or a big time commitment. The key is to start now. 

Tip 1. Get your hair back in summer shape (no spin classes required).

Months of cold dry weather and winter hats can wreck havoc on our hair, leaving it dull, dry and brittle, so you're first step is committing to using moisture rich shampoo with protein every time you wash your hair. Try this: Wash your hair at most every 3 days with BLNDN's Quench You shampoo. It's an ultra thick and luxurious lather that will hydrate your hair with natural super ingredients like baobab protein and murumuru butter. 

Tip 2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! 

Instead of using a standard conditioner each shower, add in a mask that is designed to infuse moisture deep into the hair strand, softening hair from the inside out. There are a lot of fancy oils and emollients out there that claim to "hydrate" hair, but many only coat the outer layer of the hair (the "cortex"), leaving the vulnerable inner layer of the hair (the "cuticle") dry and dull. Try this: Get a professional deep conditioning treatment the next time that you see your stylist to boost your hair's hydration level and swap out your conditioner for BLNDN's miraculous mask, Repair You, Reparative Mask. Repair You is loaded with micro-absorbing emollients like coconut, argon and pomegranate oil, designed to absorb into the core of your hair and add intense shine and reflectivity. 

Tip 3. Protect your locks from the elements. 

When you expose your hair to the heat, sun, & sea, it dries out a lot more quickly. In the summer we put sunblock on our skin so it's time we protect our hair in the same way. Try this: Treat your locks with Save You Leave In Cream after EVERY wash by applying it when your hair is still damp and let it air dry. Avoid heated appliances a couple times a week by air drying and putting your hair in a cute braid. Not only will Save You leave your hair hydrated and smooth, but pomegranate seed oil boosts your hair's natural UV protection by up to 20 percent.




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