July 24, 2017


Are you a #BLNDNBabe who fancies astrology? Join the club!

Find out what kind of BLNDN Babe you really are and the best hair for you based on your sign...



Aries are natural born leaders as the first sign of the zodiac. The sign of Aries is ruled by Fire and gals in this sign tend to be just as fiery and fierce as you would expect. Just like the ram, these #girlbosses take life "head-on" and aren't afraid to ram their enemies out of the way. 

Best Hair Style: Embrace your fierce side and rock a bold do, or embrace your inner ram and try some double decker buns or braids.


This sign is ruled by the Earth and is known for being very grounded and loyal, while valuing stability and security. But much like the bull the represent, these gals can be stubborn as all get out! A symbol of strength and tenacity, Taureans are thought to be persevering, strong individuals. Taurus gals make for amazing best friends due to their solid nature. 

Best Hair Style: Because Taurus gals are practical, try something that is timeless and versatile like rocking' your natural hair. 


The sign of the twins, these ladies can be somewhat unpredictable. They tend to have a sudden switch between hot and cold, but it always leaves room for surprises. Gemini gals are very intellectual, ruled by the sign of Air. They love mentally stimulating conversations and are great communities. Geminis can light up a room when they want to!

Best Hair Style: Embrace the duality of the twins and try something asymmetrical. 


Cancers are ruled by the Water sign and can be very emotional and sensitive. Like the crab they symbolize, they can also tend to be a tad "crabby" as well. Because the crab moves sideways when it walks, it is said that Cancer ladies move through life in a similarly unique way. Like a crab's shell, these gals are protective and possess strong survival instincts.

Best Hair Style:Dependable and caring, Cancer gals should don an open, airy, and ethereal vibe for their locks reminiscent of the sea - like mermaid hair.


Represented by the lion, this sign is the King (ahem Queen) of the Jungle! With a loud personality, this sign is bold and fearless. Natural leaders and story tellers, these gals dream big, but they need a lot of praise and attention and will feel hurt if not received. 

Best Hair Style: Do it up big and proud, just like you!


This earth sign is drawn to nice world objects and values order and stability. Don't let their composed and private exterior fool you - these ladies are full of love and wisdom on the inside. 

Best Hair Style: Reminiscent of "the Virgin" try a grand updo and stand out as the Lady of the Hour.


Represented by balanced scales, these ladies of justice are the epitome of justice. They like order and keeping things balanced. Not one to stir up a crowd or start drama. Libra are fair, diplomatic and easy going gals, but this can also lead to being indecisive. 

Best Hair Style: Try a perfectly symmetrical look in tune with your balanced soul.


Like a scorpion, these exotic ladies are exciting, but watch out for what lies beneath so you don't get stung. Ruled by water, scorpios can be very emotional and sensitive. They value privacy and keeping secrets, and are always poised for action. Never a dull moment with a scorpio woman.


Best Hair Style: Do something unexpected with your hair that causes onlookers to do a double take. Play with pins or accessories to hide a little treasure in your mane. 


Represented by the Archer, a half-man half horse, this sign represents the evolution of (wo)man's soul from animal. Part animalistic desires, part philosophical spiritualism, Sagittarius women are brave, adventurous and wise - but can also get rowdy! Straight forward like an arrow, this sign doesn't take any bs from anyone and aims high.

Best Hair Style: Like the archer, try something clean and precise like a high ponytail.


Surefooted and agile like the goat they represent, Capricorn women are sometimes introverted and prefer solitude. But like a mountain goat, they climb the mountain of life surefooted and slowly but surely. Strong, courageous, tenacious, disciplined and conservative are all good adjectives for the Capricorn gal. 

Best Hair Style: Something sleek that shows who's boss like a tight low bun.


The wild card of the bunch! Although this sign is represented by the Water Bearer, Aquarians are actually ruled by the sign of Air which represents the mental realm. These gals are sure of themselves, and march to the beat of their own drum. Often they are rebellious, but they are also humanitarians, idealists and inventive. If you spy an outlandish lady who is a bit eccentric, a lot assertive, with a cool air of friendliness - you've probably run into an Aquarius!

Best Hair Style: Be rebellious! Break the norm and go for an edgy short cut or shaved head.


The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces are represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. A sign ruled by water, Pisces ladies tend to be guided heavily by their emotions. They are dreamy, artistic, sensitive, and compassionate. Pisces women are very open and receptive, but sometimes this can cause their "fish" to swim in opposition of each other.

Best Hair Style: A dreamy and flowy look, with asymmetrical surprises.

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