July 07, 2016


Here at BLNDN, we're all about being your authentic self-- or Selfe, in this case. Being your authentic self means doing what feels right in your heart. If you're committed to covering up your gray for life, BLNDN is the perfect line for you. And if you're going to let Mother Nature do her thing-- well, then we're the perfect line for you, too.

One of our favorite BLNDN babes out there being her authentic self is Daphne Selfe, the 87-year-old supermodel who has been modeling since 1949-- and still regularly appears in Vogue and on catwalks in Paris.

But even more undeniably beautiful than Daphne herself are the cascading silver locks that fall past her shoulders-- a look Ms. Selfe had to come to terms with. 

"When I reached 60 years old, I was getting fed up with the regular 3 weekly root touch up to keep mine looking the glossy brunette it had always been.  Time seemed to speed up, and it’d come around so soon and was just another chore to get done when I’d rather be doing something else!  I’ve been lucky with naturally wavy hair, which I’ve worn shoulder length or in a short bob such as during the 1960s.  This meant it always had plenty of bounce and natural body.  Now, things were changing."

Daphne goes on to explain, "It was my youngest daughter Rose who encouraged me to go ‘au naturel’ and to embrace it as an honoring acceptance of who I am at a new stage of life and that I could still be myself and feel and look beautiful and womanly.  I can’t tell you the relief at not having to mess about with bottles of dye and/or hairdressers – I haven’t got time for that!  There’s nothing wrong with relaxing in a salon if that’s something you enjoy but I prefer to make different choices with my time and money."


As far as her hair care regime? "Keeping your hair in as good condition as you can is essential," Daphne explains. "My hair is long now because it’s cheaper. I don’t have to do anything but put it in a topknot or a French pleat. It avoids that old lady permed look, lengthens the neck, and lifts the face."

Ms. Selfe also adds, "Plus, there is the damage that can be done to it with overuse of straighteners, dryers, etc.  It may be an idea to review how much you wash your hair and if it is really necessary.  Over-stripping your hair of its natural oils too often makes your hair more vulnerable to damage and split ends-- as well as making any hair dye fade quicker.  I do think we have been encouraged to wash it more than always needed."

We're loving Ms. Selfe and her decision to be authentically her...Selfe.

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