June 21, 2016


Gone are the days of being able to assume that the beauty products we use are safe, clean, and cruelty free. In fact, the unfortunate truth is that most beauty lines aren't. Except BLNDN.
News flash- BLNDN is always cruelty free. We're so passionate about it, we even made sure to print it on our bottles. (Made you look!) Here and there, we like to remind our BLNDN babes of all of the amazing ingredients inside of your BLNDN-- because we're passionate about what goes into the BLNDN Complex.

Camellia Leaf

Camellia Leaf Extract reduces oxidative stress (aka damage), and boosts catalase production. Camellia also softens hair, aids in overall moisture retention, and restores hair’s natural sheen.

Baobab Seeds

Baobab Seeds are clinically proven to nourish, protect, condition, strengthen, and repair damage to lifeless hair, and have been proven in the BLNDN Complex to spur the following effects:
  • Superior damage recovery and anti-aging properties
  • Intense protection from ultraviolet stress and heat, including such from hot tools
  • Deeply nourishing for greater manageability
  • Instantly conditioning for a softer, smoother feel in just one application
  • Reinforcement of hair strands for improved strength and long-term repair

Murumuru Butter

Murumuru contains a significant amount of moisture-sealing properties thereby keeping hair softer for longer. Unlike oils, Murumuru actually is more effective in coating the hair cuticle due to a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fats, which oils typically do not contain enough of. Murumuru Butter is our secret weapon to aid in shiny, healthy hair. This luster reviver is a naturalalternative to commonly used silicones in products. Murumuru butter is clinically proven to make blonde hair visibly more luminous. Compared to a placebo, murumuru made blonde hair over 13% shinier after just one treatment, and 25% shinier after three.

Pomegranate Seed

Pomegranate is high in antioxidants and vitamin content. A revitalizing, and strengthening natural oil that restores hair strands and provides a powerful boost to cell regeneration.

In case you're not keeping track, that's cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, and paraben, sulfate, and drama-free.
Bunny approved, but never bunny tested. You're welcome. 

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