Behind the Chair Interview with Stylist Devin Bottum

February 13, 2019

Behind the Chair Interview with Stylist Devin Bottum

Today we had a chance to catch up with stylist Devin Bottum. She's been in the biz for over 18 years, a mom to 3 kids and an all around rockstar at Design 1 Salon & Spa. 

We had so many questions for Devin, of course how she manages a career and a family and keeps her chair filled with the most fantastic clients!

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

All photos featured here are from Devin- cut, color and style. Devin uses BLNDN products at Design 1 Salon Spa, and before we get started, if you're new to BLNDN, we're offering 20% off for 1st-time customers! Just enter BLNDN20 at checkout.

BLNDN: Hey Devin! 18 plus years, wow!! How did you get your start? 

Devin: I love helping people, and my first hair experiences started with doing my friend's hair for school dances. My senior year of high school I styled my friend's sisters hair for her wedding. She is still my client today!! The first time I cut someone's hair and styled it, I knew this is what I wanted to do.

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

I'm a lifer in the hair industry, and I believe if you have an open mind to learn all you can, you will grow. I told myself if I was going to be a hair stylist, and I'm going to work with all hair types! I offer all hair services from haircuts, any coloring service, straightening services, perms, updos, blowouts, and extensions.

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

BLNDN: That's an incredible journey! So you could work anywhere, why Design 1 Salon Spa? 

Devin: I chose Design 1 because they have a great reputation, offer an education program and I wanted to work where I could learn from the best. I've been here for 18 years, and I feel that's very rare in our industry. I'm also not the only one at our salon that has such tenure!

The owners are great, they stand behind you, and provide you with the best education. My co-workers are my work family, and we are a team. I'm truly blessed to work with very talented people. I'm also very thankful to be a part of the mentor program. I believe when you teach, you grow. My clients allow me to do what I love and create looks they can do themselves while keeping their cut and color on point.

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

BLNDN: Nice! So being in the business for 18 years, you've probably seen it all. What's coming up for 2019? 

Devin: Lots of balayage, with blonde living a little closer to the root. Lots of texture and volume in the hair. Not super smooth as we've seen in the past. When it comes to style and color, I see cool and warm tones mixed in. Still keeping that natural look, but now with a little dimension. 

BLNDN: We agree! Here in San Diego we always see that beachy look, but now we're seeing it everywhere and all year round. Besides what your clients are asking for, who do you look towards to spot those early trends? 

Devin: I follow Tim Duenas, Tabitha Duenas, Riawana Capri, Nikki Lee, Sam Villa, Tracey Cunningham, Candy Shaw, and Mikey Henger.

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

BLNDN: A few we don't follow yet so thank you! Okay, now we need to know why you like BLNDN products and why you would recommend them to clients?

Devin: I love that it is natural based, lightweight, a smaller line. But you can cover all your bases. 

BLNDN: Thank you! So your favorite product is?

Devin: SAVE YOU hands down!!! I 've been using it for 2 years now. A while back it was on back order. I tried to use something else, my hair was not the same. I also tried suggesting another product to guests as well, but they were not as happy. I honestly use it on pretty much everyone.

BLNDN: We agree, and use it almost daily ourselves! Since SAVE YOU is definitely the fan fav...this month we're running a promo on SAVE YOU, 50% OFF! Use code LoveSaveYou at checkout ladies. 

BLNDN Save You Leave-In Conditioner

BLNDN: So how about advice for people that haven't tried BLNDN yet?

Devin: 100% you have to try it. For example, if you want a lightweight product that keeps your hair balanced, wet or dry, you must try SAVE YOU. I love using it on dry hair, after curling, to add both shine and texture.

BLNDN: So, how about new stylists, what advice do you have for them? 

Devin: Always keep an open mind, try new techniques and products. Most importantly, keep yourself educated on the latest trends!

Devin Bottum Design 1 Salon Spa BLNDN Babe

BLNDN: Thank you Devin!! So if you're in Michigan, the Kalamazoo or Grand Rapids area, Devin is accepting new clients and you can find her at Design 1 Salon Spa Gaines or check her out on Instagram.

Once again, if you haven't tried BLNDN yet...what are you waiting for?? We're kidding, but we are offering 20% off for 1st-time customers! Just enter BLNDN20 at checkout. 

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