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For all of our BLNDN babes out there that wear occasional (or even regular) hair extensions, kudos to you, because we know they're exhausting, sometimes tedious, and often difficult to care for. They need to be babied, loved, and protected far more than non-extension wearers ever expect.

Plus, you have to answer the annoying questions all the time: "Is that your hair?"

"Umm, yes?" (Logic: I'm not lying. I bought it. I have a receipt. It's mine.)

So, here's a little slice of heaven for you; did you know that BLNDN is a lifesaver for extensions of all kinds? Whether you have remy, sew-in, clip-in, Halo, or tape-in, hair extensions take a beating just as much as (and sometimes more than) our natural hair... especially when worn on a regular basis. The average lifespan of regular extension wear is anywhere from 4-6 months before the locks start becoming brittle, damaged, and thin. But after using BLNDN, our testers have found that the health and luster of extensions were restored significantly.

Because human hair extensions still contain the same follicle as the hair on our head, they're prone to the same damage as our natural hair; brassiness, split ends, and general tire. And after all of the straightening, curling, washing, and drying, extensions deserve a little TLC, too.

But because extensions don't become oil-prone like the hair that's still growing from our scalp, washing regularly isn't as necessary. That's why it's important that each treatment on your extensions are significant.

Here are several ways we've been using BLNDN to restore and repair our other hair:

TONE YOU is the deep purple mask that fights brassiness in both our natural and purchased hair. Cut down yellow tones by applying to extensions before you condition them for immediate elimination of brass. Leave on 5 minutes and rinse with cool water. Pat dry in a towel to get excess water out. Let air dry if possible.

REPAIR YOU is a great way to heal extensions. In the shower, REPAIR YOU works its magic in anywhere from 3-5 minutes, but extensions can soak in the REPAIR YOU mask for up to 20. For best results, lather entire weft with a handful of REPAIR YOU, concentrating on the body and tips. Rinse with cool water to restore luster. Pat dry in a towel to get excess water out. Let air dry if possible.

SAVE YOU is an everyday fix for taming and blending hair extensions. We use it as a prep spray before straightening our extensions into our hair, but it's also great for smoothing, styling, and keeping brassiness down. SAVE YOU also helps to protect dry and damp extensions and fight damage.

What ways do you use BLNDN on your extensions? We'd love to hear!

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October 05, 2018

Hey Laura!! We emailed you and hope you solved the root issue, but wanted to post more information here for others looking for ways to maintain their extensions:


BRIGHTEN YOU purple shampoo is great for keeping extensions bright. The gentle toning that it provides is not going to over-tone your extensions as many purple shampoos do.

REPAIR YOU MASK can actually be used on your extensions every time you condition because of the amount and type of processing that has gone into the extensions before they are installed. It gives that little extra that the extensions need not only for maintenance, but also the appearance of a healthy head of hair.

SAVE YOU LEAVE IN is the perfect nourishing treatment to apply to extensions after clients get out of the shower. Again, the chemical processes that hair extensions have endured require a leave in treatment, and Save You will keep them healthy and strong for months to come.

KEEP YOU DRY SHAMPOO is my go dry shampoo for extension clients (and non extension clients as well). Extensions shouldn’t be washed and exposed to styling tools on a daily basis. Keep You will maintain your style for several days, again maximizing the longevity of my clients investment.


September 24, 2018

Hi there!
Thank you for your post!
Here’s my question but you’ll kind of have to follow my process here.. please!
Ok yesterday I got my Natural Hair, which is all lightened all throughout, lightened at my roots. Well, it’s now very brassy up there. But ok, you know I didn’t extactky notice that until I got home.
She went ahead and put in a full head of tape-in beautiful hair extensions. But I’m still very brassy at the roots of my Natural Hair and I know you really shouldn’t, and have had a bad experience, with using SoSilver by Matrix to lighten them up once already when this happened once before :(. What do I do? I’m going on a family Beach Vacation in 1 week! She’s an awesome hairstyle. I’m not downing her in any way. I just need to know what to do if you have any suggestions please?! Thanks so much! ❣️😃🙏🏻

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