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So you've made the decision. Maybe you're 30. Maybe you're 60. No matter the age, embracing your gray hair will make you come to peace with your natural beauty.

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So what are your options when embracing gorgeous gray locks? Do you quit cold turkey, or do you let it happen naturally? It's a personal decision, really, and one that only you can answer with the thought in mind: What will make you feel the most beautiful? Rest assured knowing you've got options - and BLNDN will be there for them all.

Get out your training wheels

For the babe who's just starting to think about going gray but isn't ready to quit the salon cold turkey, a gloss treatment is like the perfect set of training wheels for the woman who just can't give up her stylist. (We get it.) A gloss treatment will give dull, lifeless tresses a boost of luster and bring out the natural warmth of your strands. Gloss treatments aren't dye, and are usually recommended for women who have never colored their hair as a stepping stone to the stylist chair. A gloss treatment, while meant to bring out the natural tint of your hair, it also poses a blending effect, making it ideal for someone looking to conceal pesky grays. Gloss treatments typically last anywhere from four to six weeks before washing or fading out, much like semi-permanent dye, but without the harmful effects. If you're not quite ready to kick the habit, a gloss treatment is the perfect first step to cutting the cord.

yasmina rossi gray hair

Ask your stylist to begin helping you embrace your gray

When you sit down in your stylist's chair, ask him or her for highlights or partial foils, staying in the blonde family. Reiterate that the areas you'd like to focus on are the whole crown area, your part, and the sides. If you've just now made the decision to embrace your gray, going full silver fox overnight might sound a little intimidating. Ease into it by going partially gray your first time in the chair. This will reduce the amount of of highlights you would usually do, cutting maintenance in half, and giving you the control to go more or less gray next time. Add face framing highlights to blend the gray for a more natural look, and relax knowing that it's a journey. Take as long as you want, and talk openly with your stylist about how comfortable you feel with your new look. If you need more time to adjust, she can tailor her formula accordingly

Have her help you quit cold turkey

If you're a BLNDN babe who can't stand the thought of one more gray hair sticking out like a sore thumb, bite the bullet and have your stylist find the perfect shade of gray for you. Done. Kaput. The wait is over. Over the course of the next few weeks, the gray hairs that grow in will be in good company, and you can put down the tweezers for good.

Yasmina rossi

Or let nature take its course

If you feel like letting Mother Nature work her magic, cancel your next salon appointment, and the rest of them, while you're at it. Going gray is a process that takes months to years, depending on the time it takes for the color to reach all of your hair. Going gray au natural is not for the impulsive or those who seek immediate gratification. Since gray hair is naturally more course than your natural color, you'll need to give it a little extra TLC during this process.

Whichever option you decide to go with, BLNDN is the answer for keeping oxidized, or gray, hair strong and beautiful. Cleanse those silver tresses with QUENCH YOU to restore shine and suppleness during the process, and apply NOURISH YOU as your daily conditioner. At least once a week, use a repairing mask like REPAIR YOU to repair the structure of your hair leaving it soft, strong, shiny and bright! Or buy our Grey Regimen and get all you need in one shipment! 

Remember, if you're new to BLNDN, use code BLNDN20 at checkout to get 20% off today. 


Shine on, you silver foxes.



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Olga ontiveros
Olga ontiveros

July 13, 2017

I love my grey hair I’ve had it for 30years but how do Itake away the brass on it true almost everything ?And I would love my hair to grow long.

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