May 23, 2016


On and off the red carpet, celebrities are endlessly fooling us with short again/long again style flip-flopping. We get the sudden mermaid hair, as extensions are an easy fix for a long mane. But the short hair for a night baffles a lot of us, and it's really just the age-old trick of the faux bob. It's a must-try if you're considering chopping your locks to a real bob.

Depending on how polished you want the result to be, (we recommend the messy-chic look for a faux bob) start with day two or messy-textured hair. Revive with dry shampoo, like KEEP YOU by BLNDN.

Apply a dime-size amount of SAVE YOU Balancing Cream to keep faux bob smooth and sans flyaways.

Pull the top half of hair, sectioning it from ear to ear, on top of your head. Secure with a clip.

Take the bottom half of your hair, and fold two-inch sections up to your scalp. Use a bobby to pin the ends of your hair firmly to your scalp. Secure with a few extra bobbies for extra hold. Set with HOLD YOU Holding Hairspray.

Unclip the top of your hair. For layered locks, let the shorter top layer fall over the tucked-in pieces. If your locks are blunt (all one length) roll up the ends of the top half under the bottom pinned sections; use bobbies pin it in a few places to secure it there. Set top layer with HOLD YOU Holding Hairspray.

For a piecey faux bob, pull smalls sections out from around your face, or keep them in for a sleek look.

How did your faux go? We'd love to see!



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