May 24, 2016


Prep hair with SAVE YOU Balancing Cream to smooth flyaways and divide hair into two sections, as if you were going to wear two low braids.

Side 1:

  • Braid the first section as far down as you can and tie with clear elastic.
  • Bring the braid over your head, covering your ear.
  • Pin in place, making sure to conceal your bobbies behind or under the braid so they're hidden.
  • Additionally, try to space them out over your head so that the braid is secure. Set first side with HOLD YOU Holding Hairspray.

Side 2:

  • Just like the first side, braid the second section of hair all the way down to the end. Tie with clear elastic.
  • Bring the second braid over your head so that it covers the end of the first braid.
  • Tuck the end of the second braid behind the first, so that both of the braid ends are hidden.
  • Pin in place.


Use bobby pins to tidy up any loose pieces of hair and set again withHOLD YOU Holding Hairspray.

For a piecey look, pull out wispys around your face.

Enjoy, babes!



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