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Late nights and early mornings happen! Whether you just brought home a new bundle of joy, or ran into an old flame at the club, rocking the perfectly imperfect messy bun to work (or brunch) that next morning is easy, with a bit of practice. Get ready for a latte (or mimosa) babes, because the perfect messy bun is in your future!

However you choose to rock the bun, check out our leave-in conditioner SAVE YOU to keep that style soft and shiny. Another suggestion? KEEP YOU dry shampoo is our BLNDN Babes fav for adding some texture to day or even 3-day old hair!


Supplies for your Messy Bun:

How to do the perfect messy bun

  1. Lightly spray KEEP YOU all over your hair to add a bit of volume & texture. Tease the front section of your hair around your face.
  2. Comb through hair with your fingers to get rid of huge lumps (but you don't want this part to look super smooth, so some bumps are welcome here!)
  3. Pull hair into a ponytail on top of your head at the level that you'd like the bun to sit.
  4. Pull out pieces around your face to make sure the front part of your hair is how you want the result to look from the front.
  5. Tease ponytail from the ends to the root and repeat on the other side of ponytail.
  6. Take ponytail firmly in your hand and twist the hair towards you; the tighter you twist, the neater the bun, so have a light hand for a big, messy Sunday bun! 
  7. Wrap the ponytail around the base of the soon-to-be bun.
  8. Bobby pin halfway through to secure it.
  9. Finish wrapping around and tuck the ends into hair tie!
  10. Finish with light spray of HOLD YOU to keep your new masterpiece in place. 

Bun tips for shorter hairs

If your hair isn't long enough to tuck all the way back in, just use additional bobby pins to secure your bun!

Tuck in fly away trends and mess up any part that looks too neat

Use KEEP YOU dry shampoo for some added texture - especially if your hair is too clean for that messy bun look.

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Happy BunDay, lovelies!

xx, Team BLNDN

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Mary Goldman
Mary Goldman

November 07, 2019

Could never do a messy bun I will try again now that made it look easy but I love love love the color of her hair!I’d love to know more about that


June 19, 2018

Do you have a video tutorial of this??


May 04, 2018

I look terrible in messy buns because I could never do them right, but thus actually worked for one, you guys are awesome!

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