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To appreciate where we are now, we must reflect on how far we have come.From co-founder Big E (Erika) to Little E (Elisa):

This is my best friend and my rock. Her name is Elisa Hills, but it was Elisa Bartron when we met in September of 1997 at freshman high school registration. I came from a different school district in our hometown of Santa Barbara and I didn’t know anyone. I was terrified and insecure, as most 14 year olds are, but in true extrovert style, I overcompensated with a big smile and friendly outgoing attitude. In all honesty, Elisa and I weren’t fast friends, but she was always the first one to back me up when things got tough. Even at her tiny 5’2”, she was stronger than me, and I always looked up to her for being so steadfast and confident.  

What ultimately brought Elisa and I together were hard experiences and naysayers. As different as we are, we have the same core qualities in common: a desire to stand up for what’s right, and speak our mind when things aren’t. A desire to break the mold and take risks. A desire to be role models and leaders. A desire to conduct ourselves with the utmost integrity in everything we do, while standing firm for what we believe in. 

After 19 years of friendship, 8 years of being in business together, and 3 years of building our dream company BLNDN, she’s still my rock and my hero and the first person I go to when in need. Our journey has taken us up, down, sideways & backwards, learning who we are and building a legacy of what we hope to leave behind. 

I invite you, BLNDN babes, to close your eyes right now, and think about your best friend. As women, we have a lot to do and a lot of people to please, but we need to stand together and support each other. We need to remember that regardless of what’s happening in our lives, those that stand by you without flinching are your rock.

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November 24, 2016

Great post. Love this!

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