August 19, 2016


One of the most common questions we get here at BLNDN HQ is how and when to use each product. "Can I use BRIGHTEN YOU every day?" and "Should I use SAVE YOU when it's wet or dry?"seem to be the most pressing e-mails in our inbox. Here's the skinny on our weekly haircare regime.

Have a tweak? We'd love to hear how you use your BLNDN!


  • Wash with QUENCH YOU Quenching Shampoo daily. Trust us; it's the shampoo of your dreams. Everything you want, and nothing you don’t. A thick, luxurious lather without parabens and harmful sulfates. The BLNDN Complex adds intense shine and hydration to oxidized hair without the weight, harmful sulfates, or parabens.
  • To eliminate brass, replace your regular shampoo 1-2x weekly with BRIGHTEN YOU, the deep purple sulfate-free, paraben-free shampoo that provides a glorious lather and cuts the brass without drying out the hair strand. It's actually the only purple shampoo on the market that doesn't dry our the hair strand is actually safe to use on your hair every day if you're feeling in need of extra brightness.
  • Condition with NOURISH YOU Nourishing Conditioner immediately following shampoo. It's the weightless conditioner that you’ve been waiting for. The BLNDN complex nourishes and penetrates the strands immediately. But no need to leave it in; just apply a few pumps and rinse. Results are deeply nourished locks and softer, smoother hair afterjust one use.
  • After shower, applySAVE YOU Balancing Cream to either wet or dry hair- it's leave-in magic that instantly repairs damaged, dull, brittle hair with just a few drops. 100% of the women who participated in a 3rd party clinical study noticed an immediate improvement in softness and shine. Apply, brush, and go, babes! (It's also great for taming pesky flyaways, a good de-tangler, and awesome for smoothing brows if you have extra on your hands!)
  • After styling, set hairstyle daily with the flexible, firm hold ofHOLD YOU Holding Hairspray, the all-day (and night) lift without the buildup or crunchiness. (Ew.) A bonus? A fresh florals scent that smells amazing.


  • Revive second day hair with KEEP YOU, the truly invisible aerosol dry shampoo that absorbs oil in a flash and gives clean hair soft, touchable texture. Plus, the fresh floral scent is intoxicating and the results are immediate. 


  • Tone brassy locks with TONE YOU toning rinse. Like BRIGHTEN YOU, it's a purple- but on a whole 'nother level. TONE YOU is a deep violet rinse with intense shine properties. Useit after youshampoo and before you condition for immediate elimination of brass and a shine.
  • Repair damaged locks with REPAIR YOU, the ultra thick formula that repairs serious damage after the abuse we’re going to keep inflicting (let’s be real). With the highest levels of the BLNDN complex, REPAIR YOU gives all of the shine, strength, and softness your abused hair craves, without the weight.

Keep on BLNDN on, babes!



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